About Me

My name is Teddy Guerin, I am the owner of Blueprint Financial Consultants. I grew up on the south coast of Oregon in a small, logging town called Coquille. I went to the University of Oregon where I majored in Business Administration and a minor in Communications. Blueprint is a culmination of one of my life’s mantra “Learn how the machine works”. I’ve spent my decade plus years in this business learning about how the system works, where the “profit centers” are and how I can help clients avoid them. I began my career in 2004 at AXA Advisors (subsidiary of AXA/Equitable) in Portland, Oregon where their main focus was annuities and life insurance. However, I choose to invest my time in financial planning and asset management from a business standpoint. In late 2007 I started my own wealth management firm with a focus on fee-based financial planning catering to high net worth individuals. Blueprint was an inevitable evolution of my philosophical beliefs: Everyone should have access to high quality investment advice, they shouldn’t be subjected to high pressure sales, and they should be able to get objective financial advice with reasonable, transparent pricing.

I’m a husband to an awesome wife (who just happens to be a 3x Portland Monthly “Top Doc” award recipient), a father to terrific twin girls, a small business owner, a real estate investor, and a financial professional. As a fiduciary I have a legal obligation to protect my clients’ interests and act with utmost good faith, it is the highest standard of care in our industry. I go where the advice takes me based on the clients’ needs and suitability. I’ve invested my time & money over 10+ years to learn as much as I can about all aspects of finance so I can connect that knowledge and my clients. I love it, the puzzle, the challenge, the people, the stories, and the results when it all comes together.

Personalized Financial Planning for Your Lifestyle

At Blueprint Financial Consultants our mission is to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives by using a holistic approach to their financial situation. By combining a comprehensive, strategic financial planning process with personalized investment services we can help you achieve your financial goals. We tailor our recommendations around your life, goals, and dreams, not just around numbers. Since we are advice-driven and have a unique fee structure we can help you regardless if you just have a few basic questions or a complicated financial situation. Our objective at Blueprint is to make great financial advice accessible to ANYONE who wants to better their financial situation.

Pricing and Fee’s

Blueprint is a financial planning centric firm, we also manage investments of course, but our focus is on financial planning. As I tell my clients ALL the time “if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you arrived?” We have three different ways we work with our clients. Comprehensive Financial Planning, Subscription-based, and Hourly. Our Subscription-Based clients receive a 50% discount on any initial planning costs. The reason we do that is we want people to update and adjust their plan on an ongoing basis, it is probably more important than the initial plan itself and we’ve found that financial incentives help encourage good behavior. Below is an overview of what we offer:

Financial “Blueprint” Plan ($1,200+): This is typically the starting point for our financial journey. It involves examining specific financial issues, personal values, and quantifying goals for a specific plan. This level of planning can include portfolio review/design, fund cost analysis, credit score monitoring, retirement savings & withdrawal strategies, education needs analysis, cash flow analysis, estate planning, & insurance analysis. Every plan is different because everyone’s financial picture is different, these plans are highly customizable so we can create a holistic, personalized blueprint suited exactly to your needs. The client is tasked with gathering information and implementing the plan, but we provide to-do lists, guidance, and support. At the end of the process, the client receives a written report that serves as a blueprint for achieving financial independence After the plan is completed to your satisfaction, we have two options: Staying on board as an active client with ongoing management (subscription-based) or being a bit more hands-off and calling when a need arises (hourly).

Subscription-Based  Service (1% of income, .25% net worth*): Pretty simple, right? The is typically a continuation of the planning work we’ve already done and will help to implement that plan. This is also available to folks who want to work with us but don’t have the need for a comprehensive financial plan at the moment. This service is designed for Gen X/Y clients who are starting to build their wealth, have a ton of questions, and want great, ongoing advice.

We want clients to get great advice as soon as possible and we’ve seen that clients sometimes put off calling an advisor because they don’t think they have enough questions to make it “worth it”. Nonsense. For early-career professionals, the best time for a financial plan is at the beginning of your career when you can set the course for a lifetime of smart financial decisions. We can help you think about household budgeting, tax issues, student loans, mortgages, healthcare costs, college savings, and DIY investing. We help you take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls. There’s an old saying that diagnosis without examination is malpractice, and we believe that investing without comprehensive financial planning is equally ill-advised.

We address a range of financial topics that traditional financial advisers cannot or will not discuss with you. In fact, most traditional financial advisers will not even accept clients without assets. If you do find a financial adviser that will talk to you, their incentive is to steer your savings into accounts they manage rather than advise you, as we would, on other prudent uses of your cash flow like student loan repayment or investing in company-sponsored 401(k)s or 403(b)s. We’ll meet twice per year to review any changes, discuss upcoming investment opportunities, address any concerns, review investments, etc. And of course, we are available to talk or email if you have a financial question or just need a sounding board for something. Our goal with our fee structure is to remove any impediments to giving great advice. Want to build a real estate empire or invest your life savings into starting a business? Awesome, we are here for that. However, we might caution you to keep some liquidity and examine the risks of such an endeavor just to be thorough…we can discuss that later. The fee is billed quarterly and cancelable anytime (with 30-day notice), it also includes investment management services at no additional cost.

Financial Review for DIYers ($1,000 plus a minimum of 2-month subscription-based service): 
Some of our clients are already successful, long-term DIY planners and investors, but would like an objective, independent review of their cash flow management, contingency planning, and investment strategy. In these cases, we can conduct a relatively limited financial review. The process includes a 1-hour meeting as well as planning work before and after the meeting.

Flat Fee (negotiable): Case by case basis. Sometimes the size of a client’s investment account belies the complexity of the situation, and yet other times clients with large balances have relatively straightforward needs. Sometimes a client’s needs don’t fit within the parameters of our services package, we can create a custom-fee based on your unique situation and level of complexity.  As your circumstances change throughout the years you work with us, the fee is also adjusted up or down to reflect your changing finances.

Hourly Fee ($200 per hour): We occasionally meet with clients on an hourly-rate basis to answer specific questions or to focus on specific, limited-scope projects. For instance, we help design, optimize and implement cash flow systems (household budgets) for individuals and families. We even meet with clients who don’t really know what they want to discus, but just need a little help organizing their financial lives.

       *We do not calculate the value of your personal residence as part of your net worth. It’s your home, not an investment.

Who we work with

Our clients are primarily young(er), educated, and motivated. We don’t have account minimums, we put an emphasis on financial planning and relationships. I feel like the better I know my clients the better job I can do for them. Our priority for all our clients is that they get transparency, honesty, and great advice. The kinds of clients we mostly work with are:

1. Generation X/Y White Collar Professionals

2. Small Business Owners

3. Real Estate Investors

4. DIYers/Clients just getting started building their financial future

5. Retirees & Soon-to-be retirees

6. Referrals

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“My job is to help folks take their financial pieces and create a financial plan from those pieces. I do this by tailoring financial solutions to suit my clients individual needs, while providing education along the way.

By making my clients money work smarter, making sure it’s in the right place, at the right time and accessible if needed, I can make a real difference to their families’ futures.”

Focus Areas

  • Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Education and Second Opinions
  • Estate & Business Planning
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