2750 NE 30th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97212


Phone: 503-381-0638

I work remotely, sometimes I’m working at an office downtown, a coffee shop, somtimes at home (see address above) or at a client’s house or place of business, it really just depends on the client.  I work remotely for a number of reasons: 1) My clients are all throughout the Portland metro area and have busy, complicated lives so I want to be as flexible scheduling wise as possible, 2) Technology has dramatically changed my business, most of which is done in the cloud and can be 100% mobile (also encrypted and secure), and 3) I do my best to juggle as a father of young twin girls, I love that I am not married to my office and that I can be more involved and available for my kids. They are my greatest investment (and expense) and I don’t take that lightly and I choose to make myself available.

Our main priority is providing impeccable service and to make sure you get the best advice money can buy. I invest in state of the art financial planning/asset management tools, and secure/encrypted software to protect my our client’s privacy. Our attention to detail, continuing education, passion for our clients, and an being an expert in our field is what drives us professionally.