Financial Planning

We offer custom financial plans tailored to your needs.  No two plans are alike. Our firm is focused on holistic, advice-driven financial  planning. We are here to help whether you have one simple question or a complicated one.

Asset Management

We adhere to a passive investment strategy using low cost, tax efficient ETF’s and index funds. We also offer socially responsible investing options and can customize portfolios to meet your own specific investment ethos.

How we’re different

Compensated through subscription-based or hourly fees. No account minimums. No high pressure sales or conflicts of interest.  Our only  interest is in educating our clients, giving great advice & creating holistic financial plans.


Hey, thanks for scrolling down! I’m Ted Guerin, Blueprint is my company. My life mantra is “learn how the machine works”. I spent over 15 years in the financial world. I have had roles in management, sales, product rollout training, etc. I worked hard to figure this particular machine out, and in doing so I found my passion. Blueprint is the culmination of my knowledge and experience: financial planning, asset management, alternative investments, and estate planning.

I moved to Portland in 2004 after graduating from the University of Oregon to pursue a career in finance. Beyond work and family, helping my community is a very important part of my life. I have volunteered with several organizations in the city, including Minds Matter of Portland, The Portland Art Museum, Make a Wish Foundation, The Lundquist College of Business Alumni Club. I live (and work) in Grant Park with my wife, our 6-year-old twin girls, and our cat, Floyd.

We do things a little differently at Blueprint. Most financial firms offer “free” advice in order to try to sell you products that may or may not be suitable for your needs. We don’t sell products. As a Fee-Only firm, we charge for time spent and advice given. You are then free to implement your plan wherever you like, on your own terms. I have an ardent interest in behavioral economics and recognize that money is more than numbers: it is emotional, it is personal, and it affects how a person interacts with their world. At Blueprint, our ethos is therefore centered on holistic planning. We are here to help you   identify and achieve your particular personal and financial goals. We do this by really getting to know you: what is it that keeps you up at night, what gets you up in the morning; where do you want to go with your life and why. At the end of the day, we want to help increase our clients’ happiness and decrease their worries. With Blueprint, we work to improve your financial future through careful planning. We keep working until your goals are achieved.

Every client is unique. Every experience is different. We

customize our advice for your specific financial situation.

Financial Planning Business Consultant Wheel Infographic

As financial professionals we receive rigorous training, continuing education, and are up-to-date on current legislation and trends that may effect our client’s financial lives. We strive to be ahead of curve in terms of technology, transparency, and the value we can offer our clients.

We believe that everyone, rich or not so rich, deserves great financial advice.  Our advice is never one-size-fits-all, it is always bespoke. As fiduciaries you can be confident that we’ll put YOUR BEST INTERESTS FIRST and that you will get the best experience we have to offer. Access my online calendar to schedule a 30-minute, no-cost, no-obligation telephone call. During the call, we’ll discuss your financial objectives and mutually determine if your needs are a fit for the services we provide. You can also text, call, email, or send me a Facebook message.