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Everything Started in 2015

At Blueprint Financial Consultants, we consider ourselves a boutique firm, which means our clients get the personal attention they deserve. No getting lost in a huge corporate building, no getting shuffled from advisor to advisor. Through our holistic financial planning process, we explore not just the numbers surrounding your financial life, but your values, your aspirations, and what really drives your decisions in life. Your financial future requires focused “human” judgment and financial expertise. We work with your risk tolerance, values, and behavioral biases to construct a truely one-of-a-kind financial plan. No one size fits all.

In addition, we prioritize responsiveness as a firm, knowing that your financial well-being is too important to be put on hold. That means whether you are looking for an advisor to closely monitor your account, meet with you in person to discuss your finances, or even just answer a question on the phone, we will be ready and available to help.

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Client's First

We are a “clients-first” firm. That means we put our clients and their needs first. We don’t talk about investment options until we understand your entire financial picture. Other advisors might automatically push products that will make them money, but our approach is different. We want to know you first to make sure we provide the help and guidance that you need. Then we work with you to help build a financial plan that fits your unique needs and supports your personal goals while keeping your fees low and maintaining transparency in pricing.
How We Are Different
  • We don’t sell Annuities, Life Insurance, or any insurance/investment products
  • We don’t act as a Brokerage Company or Bank
  • We don’t have a minimum account or household asset size to work with us
  • We don’t require our clients to replace any of their outside professionals
  • We don’t require our clients to have us manage their investments
  • We don’t receive commissions, no referrals fees, no kickbacks, etc. We mean it. Zero.
Who We Work With

Oftentimes, clients seek us out at inflection points in their financial lives, such as a generous stock option package, getting married/divorced, or retiring. Occasionally, we have clients who don’t meet certain account minimums ($500k+) because they are young and just starting our or have the majority of their assets at an employer retirement plan. We think that is ridiculous and insulting.

We work with clients at all stages of life. The benefit of being a fee-only planning firm with no account minimums is that we get to work with folks from a wide swath of society. That being said, our clients do tend to be concentrated in certain fields and/or in certain phases of life:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Doctors and other White Collar, Busy Professionals
  • Clients near or at Retirement

**We also love working with referrals and super nice people.

Transparent Fees/Pricing

Planning Fees: $250/hour.

After an initial meeting, we’ll provide a Good Faith Estimate of estimated financial planning costs based on the information provided by you. Typically, a comprehensive financial plan takes between 12-20 hours to complete.

AUM Tiered Pricing:

  • $0-$500,000: 1.25%
  • $500,001 to $2 million: 1.00%
  • $2,000,001 to $5,000,000: 0.875%
  • $5,000,001 and up: 0.50%

Another way we differentiate ourselves is we combine all ongoing planning services into our asset management pricing. No retainer fees. No additional planning fees. If there is a major life event that requires us to rebuild your entire financial plan, we’ll do that at no additional cost, that is just part of the ongoing services we include for being an in-house client. The same goes for updating 401k allocations, annually reviewing employer benefits, etc., there are no additional costs. Pretty simple.

One Last Thing
One wrinkle is we don’t manage assets for clients who haven’t gone through the financial planning process, either with us or another firm. Why? Simple. We can’t possibly construct an investment portfolio specifically tailored to your goals, wants, and needs if we don’t know what your goals, wants and needs are. We aren’t in the business of faking planning services (see: “free” financial plans) to gather assets. Leading with financial planning and giving great advice will always be our raison d’être…
We do not calculate the value of your personal residence as part of your net worth. It’s your home, not an investment.
"There are many things money can buy, but the most valuable of all is freedom. Freedom to do what you want and to work for whom you respect.”
J.L. Collins
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